No Etsy Sales? Here’s Why.

Are you a new Etsy seller and just can’t get those views to convert to sales? Even if you have been on Etsy for a while and aren’t making the kind of sales you are looking for, this blog post is for you. I have started a series of blog posts and every Friday I will give you new tips and tricks to help you get what you are looking for out of your shop. Be sure to subscribe to get all of the latest info!

The main point is this. Etsy is hard, like really hard. There is so much more to Etsy than just publishing a listing. You absolutely cannot post 1 baby blanket and expect to sell 10 of them within the first day. You need to have a variety of listings, good SEO, GREAT photos, a significant social media following, amazing product descriptions,  and so much more.

I opened my shop in 2014 but didn’t start seriously selling until November of 2015. In just a little over a year, I have reached 1,000 sales in my shop and I am not slowing down any time soon! Read below to see how I got to where I am and how you can achieve the same results.

I belong to a lot of Facebook groups and I can’t even count the number of people who post in these groups with the complaint of, “I just opened shop and I don’t have any sales!” There is a very good reason for this and I am going to highlight each one of these below as well as provide some ways to get some sales!


Your titles and tags are SO important. Titles and Tags are how buyers find your items. Etsy Gives you 140 characters in your title…use ALL of them! Also, you need to use them wisely. So many times I see sellers just put one or two words in their titles or they use irrelevant ones. I’ll give you an example – This is a photo of an item in my Etsy shop. As you can see, I’ve used all 140 of the characters in the title space.


As you can see, I could have just put Book Mark in the title, but I took advantage of the 140 characters that Etsy gives us. I used all of the different keywords that I think buyers may use to find my products. *Expert tip* Make sure you separate your keywords by a dash or a comma. I prefer to use the dash because I think it gives the listing a cleaner look.

The next tip is a big one. Make sure that your title key words match your tags. Here is an example:


As you can see, my title keywords in the first photo match my tags in the second photo. Etsy gives you 13 tag words and you need to make sure these match your title keywords. In my case, I usually end up having more tags than title keywords so make sure you use any other additional keywords that may match what your buyers are looking for. *Expert Tip* As fun as it may be, don’t give your products cute boutique names. For example, I see a lot of people name their products things like, Sweet Olivia Baby Blanket or Little Madison Building Blocks. The fact of the matter is that no one is going to type that into the search bar unless they have already heard of you and your product, and if you are new to Etsy, those chances are low. Use your tags and titles wisely. Put yourself in your customers shoes and imagine what keywords they may use to look for your products. This is why target market is SO important and we will touch on that a little bit next week.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is vital to any Etsy shop. My favorite keyword research site is It is a free tool that will help your shop out tremendously. There is also an advanced option for $19.99 a month that you can purchase down the road when you start racking up those sales. Another highly recommended(and FREE!) tool is the Etsy search bar itself.


You can see that I typed in Sleep Mask. The results under it are other popular keywords that people have searched for. This is super important because it tells you in real time what buyers are looking for, and if those keywords are in your listings they are more likely to find your items!

Quantity Is Key

Imagine for a second walking into a shop. What are you there to do? Shop of course! You want options, right? You want to be able to browse among the many different items that shop has for sale and choose just the right item to bring home with you. Your Etsy shop is no different than that shop. Your customers want options. If you only have 8 items in your shop, your potential customers are likely to leave the page quickly because they don’t feel like they have options. This isn’t 100% true with every single Etsy shop out there because I have seen shops do very well with just a page of items, but in reality, you need to have 2-3 pages of items in your shop(ideally more but that comes later).

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Have a great day and I’ll see you next week for more ways to get that money pouring into your bank account!








How I grew my Etsy shop

Everyone that runs an Etsy shop wants lots of sales, right? Of course they do! Along with hard work, great photos, Seo management and dedication to your craft, there are a few other things that factor in to a successful shop on Etsy.

For me, a comfortable space is absolutely key when I’m creating. If I feel comfortable and relaxed in my work space, the creativity flows much better and I have better ideas to put in my shop.

I recently did a complete overhaul of my crafting area. I moved things around, purchased a few items to spruce things up, and created some things from scratch. Below is a photo of my new place!


As you can see, it is very bright, open and airy. It is SO important to surround yourself with things you love.

I’ll start with my lamp. Boy do I love that lamp. I saw it there on the shelf at the store and I immediately knew I had to have it. It really is the center piece of my work area. As you can see, there are also a lot of plants. I. LOVE. PLANTS. The ones on my desk aren’t real but it doesn’t matter. They brighten up the space and put me in such a good mood when I’m working. I also hung a gorgeous wreath on the wall as well and it really helps get the creative juices flowing.


If you are in need of a new look but are on a budget(like most of us!) hit up your local thrift or second hand store. If you really want to get a huge bang for your buck, you need to think outside the box. Find a new use for things. For example – I love visiting our local Salvation Army almost weekly because they get new things in just about every day. See the floral cork board in the photo below? I purchased a regular cork board at a local craft store and failed miserably at painting it! I decided that upholstering it would so much easier, and it really was. I visited my local thrift store and found some beautiful Martha Stewart sheets(king size I might add!) for $3.00. Yep. 3 whole dollars! It gave me a ton of fabric to use and what better way then to cover my ugly cork board. I simply laid the sheets down on the table, laid the cork board on top, pulled it tight and used my staple gun to hold it in place. My husband attached some picture hangers in each corner and Voila! A gorgeous, upcycled cork board.


Another must have for me is bright, natural light. I love being outdoors but unfortunately living in the midwest only allows that a few months out of the year. I am in love with the idea of having light pour in on me while I work.

One more pointer on achieving a comfortable work space on a budget is visit Ikea. Really. If you want to get furniture that is simple yet functional, Ikea is the place to go. All of my desks are simple tables and legs, no fancy office furniture for me! My bookcase below as well as my wire fabric bins are also from Ikea. I think those are supposed to be for closets but I found a new use for them, woo hoo! They are great for storing my 2156468798451421321 yards of fabric;)


So, there you have it. A great way to increase your sales is to have a comfortable, organized work space. I can tell you from experience(and over 250 sales in my Etsy shop) that it is vital to have a comfortable space to create your items. I know that every single time I wake up and go to my craft room, I immediately feel happy and excited to start a new day and make something beautiful.

Next week’s Etsy tip: Marketing¬† and Logo Design. Until then, have a great week and come back for more tips and tricks and other fun stuff!

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