Boys Sleep Masks

Hello all and happy Tuesday! I’m finally back after a looooooong break. It started out as me taking a week to put some new things together for the shop. That turned into a sinus infection, which turned into a sever ear infection…which lead to me rupturing my ear drum. On top of all that I caught a flu bug from my kids, so I was definitely down for the count for a while there! No worries though, I’m back and ready to create!

The first items I’ve gotten into the shop are boys sleep masks. I never really considered putting them in before but there have been a lot of requests for them so I gave it a shot. I must say, they turned out pretty darn cool!

fish2.jpgI also have some single masks too:

My next projects will be Easter themed masks. I will have those in the shop in plenty of time to fill those Easter baskets! I am so excited about getting them in the shop because they are a great alternative to candy and sweets. It is also a really unique basket filler idea!

I will be adding Sleep Mask Party Packs very soon as well. These will be a set of 8 masks at a discounted price for passing out as party favors or at sleep overs. I can do pretty much any theme you would like. I am starting out with My little pony, Paris, a fun and bright general design,  and possibly a Hello Kitty pack. Like I said, you can purchase the pre-made sets or request a custom kit based on your party theme.

In the mean-time, keep an eye on the blog, the shop, and Facebook for more! As Easter gets closer I will be releasing  a pretty big coupon so stay tuned!

-Three Schatze


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